Swimming lessons

We all really enjoyed our 8 days of swimming lessons. We learnt some new strokes, how to breath properly, water safety, diving, floating and on Friday we had a fun day playing a game and going on the inflatable. Here are some of our favourite parts of the swimming program. Rachel – My favourite thing … [Read more…]

Dice addition

Yesterday we played a fun game in Maths. We worked with a partner and threw 2 dice and had to add them quickly. We were very clever if we didn’t have to count the dots. What games do you play at home using a dice that require you to count? What other addition games do you … [Read more…]

Lynley Dodd

Our author study for Term 1 is the famous award winning author and illustrator, Lynley Dodd. Many of you would be familiar with her books, especially the renowned Hairy Maclary, Slinky Malinki and Scarface Claw books. We are looking at the way she uses language to engage young readers, rhyming patterns, fluency and expression. The … [Read more…]

Reading predictions

In Grade 1 we are currently learning about predicting before and during reading. We have learnt that to make predictions before reading we should: look at the front cover/pictures read the title who is the author and illustrator? read the blurb flip through the book When we begin reading we regularly stop and make predictions. We … [Read more…]

Pancake Tuesday

This morning Grade 1A made pancakes to celebrate Pancake Tuesday. Thank you so much to the seven mums who helped us measure and mix ingredients and then cook and flip the pancakes. It was a lot of fun and the pancakes tasted delicious with butter and strawberry jam. Now that you have the recipe you … [Read more…]


A reminder that the Grade 1 swimming program begins this coming Wednesday 18th February. Grade 1A will be in the water from 12.30 – 1.15pm. Please feel free to come along to the Gisborne Aquatic Centre to watch your children and of course we are always grateful of help in the change rooms before and after the … [Read more…]

Welcome to Grade 1A, 2015

Welcome to the Grade 1A class blog for 2015. We have had an extremely busy start to the school year with our Positive Star Program taking place over the first 6 days of Term 1. As was mentioned at the Open Day last Friday the students have been involved in setting up our classroom, creating … [Read more…]

Premiers’ Reading Challenge

Congratulations to our students who completed the 2014 Premiers’ Reading Challenge. A job well done. I’m so proud of you, especially the fact that you set a goal and didn’t give up. What was your favourite book on your PRC list?

Athletics Day

Today we had our Prep – 2 Athletics Day and had a lot of fun playing some great games organised by Mr Goodyear. We were all dressed in our house colours and earned points for all the activities. We can’t wait to hear which house won the Athletics at assembly on Friday. Thank you very … [Read more…]

Bread recipe

Several students have asked for the French bread recipe so here it is…… 5 cups bread flour 2 tablespoons sugar 2 teaspoons salt 1 tablespoon oil 420ml water 1 teaspoon bread improver 1 3/4 teaspoons yeast We used a bread maker but you can also bake in an oven. It makes 1.25kg. Happy baking and enjoy!!