Finished Products!

The children in 1A have worked hard on both their projects on an Australian animal and on their plan and construction of a made up animal….the Bunyip! Have a look at the finished products. Mrs Dawson and Mrs Ward are both very proud of  the children’s efforts.

Projects and Bunyips!

Some photos of the children constructing their bunyips (a mythical Aboriginal creature which lived near billabongs) and finishing their projects on an Australian animal. Lots of focused effort!   Overcoming problems of how to join pieces together is some of the learning which occurs. Putting finishing touches to their projects. Taking lots of care with … [Read more…]

Aboriginal For a Day

The  ‘Aboriginal for a Day’ Incursion through a company called ‘Cultural Infusion’ was a valuable experience for the children. The children had their faces painted to fit the theme and then rotated through three different cultural activities. First there was ‘Didge and Dance’ where they learnt about the didgeridoo and how to play it, along … [Read more…]

100 nights of reading.

The first child to reach 100 nights of reading is Hunter. 1A were very impressed and sang the ‘Bravo’  song  to him with gusto. Congratulations on a wonderful effort Hunter. Well done!

Sorry Day

Wednesday, the 26th of May is Sorry Day in Australia. 1A talked about what they were sorry about in the morning and wrote a letter apologising to the person they had wronged. In rotation on Wednesdays, one of the topics is aboriginal culture. During this session, the context of the apology was very simply talked … [Read more…]

Australian Animal Projects

All the children in Grade 1A have thought about the amount of effort they want to put into their project on an Australian animal. They did this using a rubric which lists the areas they are expected to think about and cover when working on this piece of work. It covers presentation, research and the … [Read more…]

Open Day

A reminder to parents that this week is Education Week. New Gisborne P.S. will be open this Thursday 20th May from 9-11am. We would welcome any families to our classroom during this time. The children will be attending Art class from 9-10am but will be back in the classroom for literacy activities for the following … [Read more…]

Melbourne Excursion

We had a marvellous day in the city today and were so lucky to have perfect weather. After morning tea on the lawns opposite the Shrine of Remembrance we made our way across to the Shrine where Bernie gave us a 1 hour tour. He was a fabulous guide who had a passion for the … [Read more…]

Organisational Toolbox

This term our You Can Do It focus is on Organisation. During our rotation activities last Wednesday all the Grade 1 children discussed the importance of being organised at home and at school. We came up with a comprehensive list of things we need to have organised at the beginning of each school day, such as drink … [Read more…]