Rapid Readers

Congratulations to our great readers who have received certificates for: 100 nights – Tori 150nights – Daniel, Andrejs and Reese 175 nights – Emily Well done everyone. An excellent achievement.

We visit Chloe in Broome

There was great excitement in Grade 1A again on Monday morning when we received a call on Skype from Chloe in Broome. Chloe and her family look relaxed and happy and all have great suntans after spending the last few weeks in sunshine. Chloe had the beautiful backdrop of the beach and a frangipani tree. We … [Read more…]

Excitement about the Disco!

On the Friday of the disco, the children of 1A could hardly contain themselves with the anticipation of the disco that night. Here is what they wrote. Hunter: Today we are goint to the Spooky Disco. I am taking Jack R. also. I am goint to dress up as a magician. Lots of people are … [Read more…]

A work in progress

If you picked up your child from the courtyard on Friday after school you would have noticed that the tank outside our classroom now has many fairytale characters and scenes drawn on it. Nicole, a VCAL student, who has been helping in the classroom on Fridays for the past few weeks demonstrated her artistic talents by … [Read more…]

A Swag of Tales incursion

There were lots of laughs and lots of learning at todays incursion by  a solo artist performing “A Swag of Tales”. The performance traced the Australian history from our convict past to current day. Volunteers from the audience (unfortunately children from Grade 1A weren’t selected but not from want of trying) were able to dress up … [Read more…]

Chloe skypes Grade 1A

This afternoon we received a lovely surprise from Chloe Irwin who is travelling around Australia with her family. Mrs Dawson and Chloe’s mum had arranged the surprise skype session. Chloe is in Katherine and was getting ready to visit the Katherine Gorge. We were very excited to see her on the white board via the … [Read more…]

School Pride Day

What a productive team we had on Friday afternoon. Thank you to all our wonderful parent helpers who brought along spades, rakes, buckets and other gardening tools to tidy up the garden outside our classroom and outside the art room. Both areas look so much neater and more colourful with lavendar and daisies. Let’s hope they stay … [Read more…]


We normally have a couple of visitors through the week to 1A. Sam who visits to helpout on a Monday to Wednesday morning and Nicole who is helping out every Friday for 5 weeks, along with the parents who help with reading and maths are our regular visitors. This week we had some special visitors … [Read more…]