The children have begun the year well, focusing on the tasks with concentration and energy. The pictures show some of the activities they were involved in: surveying each other in an activity called “Find someone who…”, drawing themselves and writing about why they are special, and measuring different lengths of their bodies and showing these … [Read more…]

Welcome to Grade 1A 2011

Welcome back to school the children of Grade 1A. Mrs Dawson and Mrs Ward (Yes, you DO have 2 teachers this year…aren’t you lucky!) hope that you all had a great holiday and are ready for a year of exciting new challenges and fun. Mrs Dawson went to the beach for a week and is … [Read more…]


Over the last week or so the children have had a few tasks to challenge them. One task was to make a bridge using newspaper and tape (both amounts restricted!). Another was to organise and perform a puppet play to the rest of the grade. As two children were going on holidays, two groups had … [Read more…]

M.I. Activities

Every Thursday afternoon the children participate in Multiple Intelligences activities. Catering for the varied learning strengths and different ‘intelligences’ it allows the children to choose their own way of working on a topic which this term is Fairytales. The link below shows the range of choice the children have to choose from. Each activity has … [Read more…]

Gotta Keep Reading!

The grade 1’s are performing this song at assembly on Monday as part of the Literacy and Numeracy Week focus. The children can practise it at home and the family can join in too!

Reading In Bed Is Terrific

A very relaxed day in Grade 1 on R.I.B.I.T. day! The children thought about the day using De Bono’s Thinking Hats. White Hat (Facts) We wore our pyjamas to school. We read lots of stories and did activities. We had a special morning tea. We didn’t do any school work. We got to read lots … [Read more…]

Gingerbread Men

On Friday, the children of 1A made and decorated gingerbread men/ladies,(as the girls insisted!) There has been a problem retrieving some of the photos so stay tuned for those! In the meantime please take the time to answer our very short poll regarding eating gingerbread ‘people’. Which part of a gingerbread man would you eat … [Read more…]