Living Eggs

Over the past two weeks the Grade 1’s have been lucky to be part of the Living Eggs Chicken Hatching Program. We were provided with 10 Embryo eggs, a few days from hatching. The eggs were placed in an incubator which was specially designed for classroom hatching. An electronic thermostat ensured accurate temperature control for a high hatch rate. The large viewing windows allowed the children to see all stages of hatching.

Hooray- 10 eggs have hatched into healthy chicks. The chicks then moved to a brooder box complete with heat light, bedding, feed and waterer which allowed us easy observation and access to the chicks. Each day the children were at school, we wrote a diary about our experiences.

Day 1:

Today our incubator, brooding box and eggs will arrive (Rachel)

I think there will be 10 eggs (Jed)

Day 2:

Yesterday our eggs arrived at recess. I think number 3 will hatch first (Kayla)

I think egg number 5 will hatch first (Cody)

The temperature of the incubator is 37.7 degrees (Holly)

Day 3:

One of the eggs hatched yesterday. I was lucky I got to put one of the chicks into the brooding box (Chloe)

In the incubator last night the rest of the eggs hatched (Daisy)

I got to pour their water in the bowl for them (Amber)

Day 4:

They are all very healthy chicks (Wil)

There are yellow and brown spotty chicks. In my group holding a chick was Chase and Cameron (Tyler)

Day 5:

We noticed that some of the chicks are changing. The down is changing to feathers (Ava)

Some are getting a comb on their heads (William)

Weekend: Day 6 and 7

Allira loved playing, hugging, feeding and changing the straw in the brooder box (Mrs Hollands)

Sophie and Lachlan liked holding the chicks. The chicks were so relaxed they fell asleep on their laps (Mrs Dawson)

Day 8:

The chicks had a sleep over at Mrs Hollands house and Allira was annoying them (Taj)    She loved them very much 🙂

The chicks are asleep in the brooding box (Jack I)

Some people go to clean out the brooding box (Isabella)

Day 9:

Two of the chicks liked the food bowl and decided to sleep in there (Cameron)

The chicks are getting bigger (James)

Day 10:

Today we sat in a big circle to observe the chicks (Edie)

Our chick pooed then it stepped in its own poo. It was funny (Jack J)

Day 11:

If I was to name a chick, I would call it Cupid (Lola)

The chicks have changed and grown so much (Caitlin)

If I was to name a chick, I would call it Fluffy (Jackson)

Day 12:

The best thing about the chicks were holding them (Chase)

Tonight the chicks will go home to live with Ava, Kayla and Jackson (Billy)






  1. Kristy

    Ava was lucky enough to take home two of the chicks. They are both doing really well and have made friends with their house mates, five other happy hens. They are almost fully grown now and very friendly.

  2. pruedawson

    I’m so glad the chicks have settled in to their new home. Do they have names? Ava, maybe you could bring in a photo so we can see how big they look now.

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