Beauty and the Beast


What was the funniest part of Beauty and the Beast?

Amber – when Lumiere shook his bottom at us

Jack I. – when Gaston chased Jiggens

Lola – when Scooter wee’d on Gaston

Edie – Jiggens being silly

Cameron – when Gaston pushed Jiggens onto the ground

Caitlin – when Belle said to the Beast “You look lovely”

What did you like best about the show?

Ava – when Belle and the Beast danced together

Edie – Belle and the Beast kissing

Tyler – when the Beast was fighting with Gaston

Chase – when Jiggens ran away

Jackson – when the witch turned him into a Beast

William – when Gaston chased Jiggens around

Holly – when Belle got dressed in her dress

Jed – the Beast fighting with the wolf

Cody – looking at the rose go on and off

Jack J. when Gaston shook his butt

Chloe – when Belle danced with the Beast and we got to clap to the love song

Wil – when the Beast turned into a prince

Why do you think Belle didn’t like the Beast in the beginning?

Amber – because he scared Belle

Caitlin – he was mean, loud and shouting but most of all he…DIDN’T control his temper!!

Jackson – the Beast was growling

Lola – the Beast locked Belle’s father in the dungeon

Rachel – because the Beast was yelling at Belle

Billy – he was loud

Chase – the Beast was frustrated

Kayla – he was yelling too much

Holly – he was being mean

What happened that made Belle start to like the Beast and fall in love with him?

Chloe – she finally realised he was kind and gentle to her

Wil – because he trusted his heart

Taj – he started not to yell at her

Billy – he gave her books

Ava – the Beast invited her to dinner

Kayla – he was caring now

Cameron – he was thinking of her

Jack J. – he saved her

Daisy – the Beast was nice

Cody – he was being nice and kind

James – the Beast saved Belle’s life

Gaston was a bit of a bully. What happened to Gaston in the end because he was not nice?

Taj – he went to the dungeon

Tyler – he got locked up

Who was your favourite character and why?

Daisy – Belle because her dress was pretty

Jack I. – the Beast because he was brave

Rachel – Belle because she was beautiful in her dress

William – Jiggens because he was funny

Jed – Belle because she was beautiful

James – Gaston because he was funny

What did you learn from the performance?

Chloe – believe in yourself

Caitlin – to care about others

William – think about all the good things you can do

Jack I. – to love others

Edie – be brave


  1. Jack Irvin

    Gaston was a little bit mean to Belle. Gaston killed the beast when he was nice to belle. I really liked the show.

    • pruedawson

      How lovely to hear from you Jack. Gaston wasn’t a very nice person was he? I’m so pleased that Belle fell in love with the Beast.
      From Mrs Dawson

  2. Jack Irvin

    Gaston and Jiggens were really funny. Gaston sang I’m sexy and I know it.
    Gaston chased Jiggens round and round.

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