Farm excursion

We all had a wonderful day at the Diggers Rest Animal Land farm on Tuesday 21st July. It was a cold day but we were well rugged up in coats and beanies. It was with great excitement that we travelled to and from the farm in a double decker bus. What great views from the upstairs front seats!!

Our guide for the day was Caroline and our first experience was a horse ride. Afterwards we took a tractor ride around the farm and fed the goats and sheep. We also saw some cows, smelly pigs and geese. The goats were climbing up the fence to get the food from our hands.

Next we stopped in the horse paddock to do some “poopa scooping”. We had a competition between the boys and girls to see who could fill their wheelbarrow first. We used rakes and shovels to collect the poo which is used to fertilise the vegie garden. Oh, by the way, the boys won the competition…just!! It was very close.

We then visited the chook yard where we saw hens, roosters and turkeys. We saw the hens in the roosting boxes and got to hold some chickens. After that we made our way to the nursery where we held baby rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks and chicks. They were all very cute.

Our final activity for the day was milking Maggie the cow. We squirted the teats and the milk went into the tin bucket. We could also turn the handle of the butter churn to make the milk into butter. The best thing was tasting the butter on a biscuit at the end of the day. It was yummy.

Many thanks to all the parents who attended the excursion. We hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.

Can you remember why we needed to take the horse poo out of their paddock?


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