Living Eggs

Over the past two weeks the Grade 1’s have been lucky to be part of the Living Eggs Chicken Hatching Program. We were provided with 10 Embryo eggs, a few days from hatching. The eggs were placed in an incubator which was specially designed for classroom hatching. An electronic thermostat ensured accurate temperature control for a high … [Read more…]

Alpha Shows Thank you

  Hello Grade 1A, Yesterday I sent all your comments about Beauty and the Beast from the previous post to the Alpha Shows company and I received this email from them today: Hi Prue! They are so beautiful! Awesome job 1A!! I’m so glad everyone enjoyed the performance and thank you for passing those on, … [Read more…]

Beauty and the Beast

  What was the funniest part of Beauty and the Beast? Amber – when Lumiere shook his bottom at us Jack I. – when Gaston chased Jiggens Lola – when Scooter wee’d on Gaston Edie – Jiggens being silly Cameron – when Gaston pushed Jiggens onto the ground Caitlin – when Belle said to the … [Read more…]


Today we had a visit from Martin Stockdale who is the dad of Julia in Grade 1C. Martin owns a chicken farm  and brought along some 3 days old chicks for the students to hold and cuddle. We learnt that there are 2 types of chickens. Those that are bred for eggs and some for meat. Martin … [Read more…]

Bob the lamb

We had a visit from Bob the lamb last Monday morning. He was not even one week old and was incredibly cute (even if he did wee on the carpet 4 times). We were able to give him a bottle of warm milk and he was very thirsty. Thanks to Mrs Stevens who brought Bob to … [Read more…]

Farm excursion

We all had a wonderful day at the Diggers Rest Animal Land farm on Tuesday 21st July. It was a cold day but we were well rugged up in coats and beanies. It was with great excitement that we travelled to and from the farm in a double decker bus. What great views from the … [Read more…]