The best, the worst and the most interesting of scone making

The positives

Chloe – kneading the dough

Wil – working with the parents

Cameron – making the scones

Isabella – mum came to help

Holly – going around to all the tables and tasting the different scones

Jack I. – tasting other peoples scones

Lola- eating the scones

Kayla – having mummy here to help

Jackson – eating the scones

Edie – seeing mum in the classroom

Daisy – making scones

Taj – not getting dirty

Caitlin – tasting the different scones

Ava – whipping the cream

William – kneading the dough

Billy – making the scones

Amber – eating the scones with the cream

James – getting covered in flour

Rachel – eating the scones

Jed – having my mum coming to help

Tyler – touching the butter

Cody – feeling the dough

The negatives

Holly – when I was whipping the cream some of it flew out of the bowl

Cameron – tasting the dough

Jack I. – we had to stop eating scones

Ava – getting flour on my clothes

James – waiting for the scones to cook

Wil – when the parents had to leave

Jed – getting dirty

Taj – some food scraps got on the ground

Billy – getting flour on me

Daisy – when mum left

Chloe – getting flour on myself

Tyler – getting flour on me

Edie – mum leaving

Lola – not getting to eat the scones straight away

Isabella – getting floury

William – we couldn’t eat all the scones

Jackson – getting dirty

Rachel – getting my jumper covered in flour

Caitlin – mum leaving and not getting a chance to say goodbye to my brother

Kayla – getting all dirty with the flour

Cody – waiting for the scones to cook

The interesting

Holly – the dough felt gooey

William – tasting the scones at the different tables

Ava – doing the worksheets

Billy – putting the lemonade into the scones

James – making different sorts of scones

Jed – eating the scones

Taj – tasting the different scones

Wil – tasting the scones

Cody – working as a team

Lola – how to make the recipe

Jackson – tasting the cream

Daisy – mixing the cream with the olden days beater

Chloe – seeing how to make scones because I’ve never made them before

Cameron – trying the different scones that we made

Rachel – tasting the whipped cream

Tyler – taking the scones to the canteen

Caitlin – Getting to taste the scones with jam and cream

Kayla – rolling the dough

Isabella – tasting other peoples scones

Edie – touching the dough

Jack I. – feeling the butter

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