Scone making

Thank you to our wonderful band of mums and dads who helped Grade 1A make scones yesterday. As part of our Past and Present theme we made 3 varieties of scones to show the difference between traditional scone making of the past and the easier method of the lemonade and cream scone varieties of present day. We also whipped cream to eat with our scones. We used an electric beater and also a hand beater. We had scones of all shapes, sizes and tastes but it was a unanimous decision that they all tasted yummy with jam and cream.

What was your favourite scone?


  1. Tyler and Bec

    Its was lots of fun even my mum and noah had fun. The traditional scones were yummy but I loved them all.

  2. pruedawson

    I’m glad you had fun and enjoyed tasting the scones Tyler. I have to say your little brother, Noah was very well behaved. A big thanks to your mum for helping.
    Mrs Dawson

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