Williamstown Literary Festival

On the weekend of the 13th and 14th of June, the Willy Lit Fest will take place in the stunning surrounds of the Williamstown Town Hall and Williamstown Library. This year’s theme is “Swimming in Words” and organisers are presenting a jam packed programme with more than 70 authors and 50 events covering poetry, politics, crime, wartime memoirs, family life and comedy.

Some of the guest highlights include children’s authors Leigh Hobbs, Andy Griffiths, John Marsden and Sally Rippin.

This might be a great opportunity to meet your child’s favourite author and buy signed copies of their books.



  1. caitlin

    we have just read the 13 story treehouse by Andy Griffiths.
    I thought it was good and very funny.
    From Caitlin Hall.

  2. pruedawson

    Hi Caitlin,
    Andy Griffith’s Tree house books are very popular. I’m glad you enjoyed The 13-storey Tree house”. Now you’ll have to read the next ones in the series.
    From Mrs Dawson

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