Grandparents Day

WOW!! What a turnout. Today was Grandparent’s Day in Grade 1 and I was so impressed with the confidence of our students as they introduced Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny, Nan, Pa, Poppy, Granny and Nanna and told us where they came from. We had a 90 year old great grandpa and 3 sets of grandparents who travelled from interstate (Adelaide, Sydney and Deniliquin) especially for today. A great effort. The grandparents shared objects from “the olden days” ranging from egg beaters, box brownie camera, sepia photographs, money, mincer, dolls and teddies, chamber pot, fur wrap, irons, sewing machine, lanterns, clock, stamp album, metronome and school books. For many it was a trip down memory lane and a new learning experience for the students. It was thought that the chamber pot was a large teacup!!! After working together on a past and present survey and discussing how life has changed the grandparents joined the students in some games from the past. It was fun to watch everyone playing knuckles/jacks, elastics, hopscotch, marbles, making daisy chains, and even trying to solve the Rubics cube. The grandparents then enjoyed sharing morning tea with their grandchildren. A wonderful morning which was the topic of conversation for the rest of the day.

Please keep a look out for some more photos of our special day and some thoughts from the children.

What did you enjoy most about Grandparents Day?

Of the objects that were shared by the grandparents what did you think was the most interesting and why?




  1. Chase

    I liked the photo camera, you have to go into a dark room and wait 6 hours for black & white photo!
    I really enjoyed the day with my nanna’s.
    Mum said she likes my photo and all the other photos.
    From Chase

  2. pruedawson

    Hi Chase,
    Thanks for writing a comment about our wonderful Grandparent’s Day. Wasn’t it great to see so many items from the “olden days”? I think we are so lucky that we can take photos and see them straight away. Fancy having to wait so long to see the photos you had taken. I’m glad you had fun with your nanna’s. I hope they enjoyed the day too.
    Mrs Dawson

  3. Isabella

    I liked the soft fury thing you wear to a ball that nanny came with and my other nanny brought the doll. The dolls name was Wendy. I liked it when Nanny and Pa and Nanny all drove me to school.

  4. pruedawson

    Hi Isabella,
    My Nanny had a fur wrap also. It’s called a fur stole. In fact it now belongs to my mum and it’s very warm. Mrs Ashworth loved your Nanny’s Wendy doll too.
    From Mrs Dawson

  5. pruedawson

    I always love hearing from you Caitlin. I know that you had a great time with Rachel’s grandma’s. You were very lucky to work with two lovely ladies.
    Mrs Dawson

  6. Kayla

    I loved Grandparents day.
    I liked it when Nanny Lynny & Warren showed the Egg Beater. It was fun having them in my grade for the morning.
    From Kayla

  7. pruedawson

    Hi Kayla,
    I’m glad you had a fun time with Nanny Lynny and Warren. I’m sure they loved seeing your classroom and the work that you do. It was great that they came such a long way to visit you for Grandparent’s Day.
    Mrs Dawson

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