Our farm excursion

Today Grade 1 went on a farm excursion to Animal Land in Diggers Rest. Olivia’s dad Brendan came with us on the bus and Tom’s dad, Justin and James’ mum, Donna met us at the farm. We went on a double decker bus and we sat up the top. We were very excited and we had really good views of the countryside. When we arrived at the farm we were met by Caroline who was the guide for 1A. The very first thing we did when we arrived was have our snack in the big shed. We then split into our grades and visited the shed with all the baby animals. We got to pat and hold baby rabbits (did you know they are called kittens?), baby guinea pigs (called pups), chicks and ducklings. They were all so cute. We then went to the milking shed and hand milked the cow, named Maggie. She was black and white and very big. Caroline helped us squeeze the teat and the milk squirted into a tin bucket. After we milked the cow we turned the handle of the butter churn. Next we had a ride on a Shetland pony named Ginger. We had to wear a helmet and Erin led us around the yard. It was fun. The last thing we did before lunch was a big tractor ride around the farm and then we hand fed the goats and sheep. It tickled when the goats and sheep licked the pellets from our hands. We saw the pigs and piglets and they smelt a lot. They were rolling in the mud so they don’t get sunburnt. We also saw Burgers the big Angus bull. He was enormous. Brendan, Justin and Mrs Dawson were the only ones allowed to feed him. His tongue was like rough sandpaper and was very strong. After we ate our lunch we were given a biscuit with some of the butter we made with the butter churn. It tasted pretty good but not as good as the butter we made in our classroom on Monday. After lunch we had a competition between the boys and girls to clean up the poo in a yard. We had rakes and spades and put the poo in wheelbarrows to go on the vegie garden later on. Caroline said it was a draw because the girls had bigger wheelbarrows but the boys barrows kept falling over and they had to start again. We were like Super Pooper Scoopers!!! After that we fed the ducks and their bills were hard and tickled our hands. Some people said it hurt. Lastly, we visited the hen house and picked up the hens and roosters. We also visited the vegie garden and planted a sunflower seed each which we brought back to school and will watch grow. It was a hot day and we were all really tired at the end of the day. We all had a fantastic day and learnt lots about the farm. Caroline was pleased with how much we already knew about farm animals. Thank you to our parent helpers. We hope they enjoyed the day as much as we did.

What did you enjoy most about the farm?

Was there anything you didn’t like?


  1. Finn and Lara

    Hi Mrs Dawson and Mrs Hollands,

    I really liked the visit to the farm and the double decker bus. My favourite thing was picking up poo because it was a fun competition between the boys and the girls, even though Mrs Dawson cheated for the girls team! I didn’t really like the pigs because they stunk and they tried to bite us through the fence. I enjoyed everything else though.

    From Finn

  2. pruedawson

    Now, now Finn. You know that I didn’t cheat. Your barrows were just not as good as the girls – very wobbly!! I was nowhere near your wheelbarrows when they fell over. It was a fun day:)
    Mrs Dawson

  3. Fletcher

    HI Mrs Dowsan and Mrs Hollinds. I had a great time at the farm. I loved feeding the goats and the sheep. I especially loved riding the pony. I liked it when mrs Dowson, Brendon and Justin fed berges, it was really funny.

  4. pruedawson

    I thought that bull was going to eat my hand Fletcher. His tongue felt like sandpaper and he was so strong. I must admit it was a bit scary.
    Have a fun weekend.
    Mrs Dawson

  5. Jennifer

    I loved the farm my favourite part was milking the cow .the
    worst part was Waylon chased me with a rooster i also liked
    the bus say thank you to mrs Hollends what was your
    favourite part.

  6. pruedawson

    Hi Jennifer, I didn’t know that Waylon chased you with the rooster. Were you scared? That must have been when I took small groups of children to plant the sunflower seeds. My favourite part of the excursion was seeing the looks of delight on your faces and watching everyone prepared to have a go at something new. Well done.
    Mrs Dawson

  7. Hannah Kennedy

    My favourite part was milking the cow. It was my first time milking and the udders felt really funny. I also really liked feeding the lambs, they were so cute. It was really funny when Mrs Dawson fed Berges the bull, because his tongue was rough like sandpaper. I really like being able to get onto this blog and chat with you all. I hope you have a really lovely weekend

  8. pruedawson

    Hi Hannah,
    How lovely to hear from you. I’m so glad you liked the excursion to the farm. Feeding the bull was a bit scary. I’m glad I still have my hand!!
    Are mum and the twins home from hospital yet? I’m sure you’ll be a very big help to mum.
    Mrs Dawson

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