Bread recipe

Several students have asked for the French bread recipe so here it is…… 5 cups bread flour 2 tablespoons sugar 2 teaspoons salt 1 tablespoon oil 420ml water 1 teaspoon bread improver 1 3/4 teaspoons yeast We used a bread maker but you can also bake in an oven. It makes 1.25kg. Happy baking and enjoy!!

Our farm excursion

Today Grade 1 went on a farm excursion to Animal Land in Diggers Rest. Olivia’s dad Brendan came with us on the bus and Tom’s dad, Justin and James’ mum, Donna met us at the farm. We went on a double decker bus and we sat up the top. We were very excited and we … [Read more…]

Bread and butter

This morning we made a loaf of bread and also our own butter. We know that flour makes bread and that flour comes from a crop called wheat. We measured all the ingredients and used a bread making machine to bake the bread. It smelt delicious. During the morning we all took it in turns … [Read more…]

Artist in Schools

This term we were involved in the Artist in Schools (AIS) program. The program ran for approximately three weeks and was undertaken by Prep to Year 2 students. The area of artistry was ‘drama/acting’.  The program provided our students with an opportunity to work for an extended period, with a local artist, exploring new ways of artistic inquiry and … [Read more…]

Allira and the chicks

Over the weekend, Mrs Hollands took the chicks home so she could look after them over the weekend. There were 8 chicks in total- 3 black chicks and 5 yellow chicks. Allira loved the chicks so much. She helped Mrs Hollands clean out the brooding box, give them some water and food. Every morning when … [Read more…]