IMAG3758 IMAG3759 IMAG3760Today we went to the Gym to see the performance of Hercules by the Alpha Shows company.

“The story deals with the isolation Hercules feels from his extra strength, which helps children gain some compassion and connection with how many young people feel today. It follows Hercules quest to becomea hero, and to rejoin his father Zeus in Olympus. Whilst coming head to head with the nasty Hades, Hercules learns the best lesson – that strength of heart is far more important.”

Here are some of the student’s impressions of the show: –

Brodie: My favourite part was when Hercules fought the baddie.

Eden: I liked the part when they kissed. It was funny. I felt happy.

Mitchell: My favourite part of the show was when a bull fought Hercules.

Hayley: I liked the music and sword fighting.

Ben: The play was AWESOME!!! My favourite part was the music at the start. But I reckon the absolute funniest character was Weasel.

Milly: Today we saw a show called Hercules. He was the main character. Weasel was very funny.

Annie: I thought it was great and a bit scary but it was fun.

Jessica: At the end they gave us a high five and said “You Rock”. When you asked a good question a man gave three wrist bands.

Hannah: Hercules kissed Meg but I shut my eyes.

Seth: My favourite part was the sword fight with real swords.

Olivia: It was about this boy. He had super powers. His super power was super strength.

Finn: At New Gisborne Grade 1 and 2 got to see a play called Hercules. I loved the sword fight.

Jackson: My favourite part was when Hercules got his strength back.

Tom: It was about being a true hero, being confident, telling the truth and being strong.

Chloe: Hercules is about a hero who is strong and confident. He always tell his friends the truth.

Jennifer: I liked the music because there was fog and lights. I clapped to the music and I danced to the music.

Flynn: Hercules was one of the actors and he was very strong. But later in the show one of the characters took his strength away from him. It was AWESOME!!

Imogen: The best character was Weasel. He was the funniest.

Taj: My favourite bit was the fighting and the real swords. The worst bit was kissing.

Waylon: Today we went to a show. it was about strength, confidence, being a hero and truth.


Thank you Grade 1A for sharing your thoughts about the performance. Please talk to your parents about the show and feel free to make more comments about Hercules, Zeus, Hades, Weasel, Meg and Phil.



  1. Bianca and Seth

    Hi Mrs Dawson.Mrs Hollands and 1A,
    Seth told me as soon as I picked him up about the show Hercules!
    Seth loved it and we had to come straight home and read about it on the blog.

    i think my Mum and brothers would love it.
    Dylan would love the real swords.
    Dad would like weasel.

  2. pruedawson

    Thanks for your enthusiasm Seth. I’m so glad you loved the show and told your family all about it. I thought it was really funny. I know how much all you boys enjoyed the real swords and the fighting.
    Thanks also for your feedback Bianca.
    Mrs Dawson (Prue)

  3. Rachel and Imy

    What a great morning at school watching a funny and loud play! Something for everybody it seems. The Weasel seems to be a favourite character too.

    Rachel and Imy

  4. pruedawson

    Hi Rachel and Imogen,
    The play was funny and the children loved it. It was also nice to see that they gained some important messages from the performance as well. Yes, Weasel was very popular.
    Have a great weekend.
    Mrs Dawson (Prue)

  5. pruedawson

    Hi Ben,
    I’m so sorry that I missed your comment a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for your thoughts on the play. It sounds like you preferred watching Hercules to our normal Wednesday morning spelling test!!!!!!!
    Mrs Dawson

  6. Alpha Shows

    We just saw this!!
    We loved performing for you guys!
    Thank you for such wonderful feedback!
    You guys Rock!!
    Love Alpha Shows 🙂

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