Our baby chicks

We are into the second week of our Living Eggs program. Ten eggs in an incubator were delivered last Monday and 8 eggs hatched successfully giving us some very cute little chicks. We have 3 black chicks and 5 yellow ones. The students are enjoying holding and playing with the chicks. Older and younger siblings are also … [Read more…]


Today we went to the Gym to see the performance of Hercules by the Alpha Shows company. “The story deals with the isolation Hercules feels from his extra strength, which helps children gain some compassion and connection with how many young people feel today. It follows Hercules quest to becomea hero, and to rejoin his … [Read more…]

Wecome back to Term 4

Welcome back to Term 4 and our final term together. This is always an exceptionally busy term. A reminder that we are a Sunsmart school and as such all students are expected to wear their school hat when outside. The school policy states: “no hat, no play”. This term our theme is “The Farm”. We … [Read more…]