Spring is in the air

Today we wrote some Spring stories.

Olivia – In Spring animals get born. Also flowers come out. I like daffodils because they are yellow. That is my favourite colour.

Seth – In Spring flowers grow. It is really hot. Time is longer.

Jackson – In Spring time there are snakes and flowers and lots of animals are born.

Jessica – In Spring bees come out and birds start swooping. There are lots of lovely flowers that come out. It is nice and warm. My favourite flowers are daffodils, roses and daisies. Baby animals get born.

Hannah – In Spring baby animals are born.

James – In Spring time birds swoop and the flowers come out and the snakes come out and blossoms come out and it is hot.

Mitchell – In Spring all the daffodils come out and also the sunflowers come out as well. At my house I have some daffodils out the front. Also the birds start to swoop. The climate changes. Sometimes baby animals hatch out of their eggs. All the people come outside.

Hayley – Spring is fun because the flowers come up and it is warm. the baby animals are born in Spring. I have some daffodils in the back. Magpies are swooping.

Brodie – In Spring baby sheep come out. When it is Spring magpies swoop.

Imogen – In Spring baby animals are born. Flowers are beautiful.

Flynn – Spring is a time when baby animals are born. This is only one of the things that happen in Spring. Here are some other things that happen in Spring. Flowers start to blossom, the climate changes and magpies swoop.

Tom – In Spring all of the blossoms come out. The magpies start swooping too. The flowers come out. My garden is full of flowers. It also starts to get a little bit warm too. All of the colourful flowers look fantastic. The sheep have babies too.

Taj – In Spring time all the flowers grow.

Eden – In Spring it is fun because flowers grow.

Waylon – In the Spring time it is very hot to the people who have animals. You get to waste a lot of water. Flowers start to grow. My favourite flowers are daffodils, jasmine and also roses. Also snakes come out ready to hunt. We don’t have chickens because they bring the snakes to our house.

Annie – Spring is when magpies swoop and when baby sheep come out. And bees too. My favourite flowers come out.

Chloe – When it is Spring it is warm. And you can go outside to play. And the flowers will grow to make tour garden look beautiful. Babies will be born. As the baby animals are born they will be as cute as can be.

Ben – Spring is when blossom, flowers and baby animals come out. Hibernation also stops. Flowers grow happily in flowerbeds or grass or soil. Spring is very beautiful.

Fletcher – In Spring the birds start to swoop. Blossoms start to pop up and the flowers start to look nice and beautiful. The bees start to sting. The birds have their babies and build their nests. I have lots of flowers in my garden.

Jennifer – Spring is an awesome time because crops sprout and lots of flowers sprout as well. Don’t pick any flowers or a bee could sting you. Grass grows taller. Baby animals are born.

Milly – Spring is fun. Flowers, bears and snakes all start to come out. I have lots of flowers in my garden. It starts to warm in Spring but it starts to rain a lot. I have been swooped before by a magpie. Lots of flowers start to grow like daffodils and roses.

What do you love about Spring?


  1. pruedawson

    Hi Livvy,
    Great reasons to enjoy Spring. I also love my garden in Spring and seeing all the colourful flowers. It’s always nice to get back into our summer clothes and feel the sun on our skin.
    From Mrs Dawson

  2. seths mum and brothers

    Hello Mrs dawson, Mrs hollands and grade 1A,
    Spring is very busy at our house.
    Preparing the garden beds for planting, organising seeds and seedlings for our big summer veggie crop.
    We are also building a chicken run so that our very cheeky chooks can forage where we want them too!
    The boys love being able to play outside as its still light enough after we pick up Seth from school.

    Bianca, Dylan and Casey

  3. Jennifer

    Dear Mrs Dawson,

    I like Spring because of all the pretty, pretty flowers. My favourite flower is an Iris. What is your favourite flower?

    From Jennifer

  4. pruedawson

    Hi Seth,
    I also like the longer days. It’s great to get outside in the evening and work in my garden or go for a walk. I bet you love playing outside with Dylan. Like you, I love the warmer weather. Much better than Gisborne’s cold weather.
    From Mrs Dawson

  5. pruedawson

    Hi Jennifer,
    The pretty flowers is a great reason to like Spring. I love irises too. Do you have irises in your garden? Thanks for asking what my favourite flower is. There are so many flowers that I love – roses, daffodils, irises, tulips – but at this time of the year I think daffodils would have to be my favourite. They are so bright and colourful. I like them mixed with blue irises. So pretty.
    From Mrs Dawson

  6. pruedawson

    Hi Bianca, Dylan and Casey,
    How lovely to hear what you do in Spring. It sounds like you have a very big veggie garden so you must be self sufficient. Seth will know lots about chickens and eggs when we study “The Farm” next term. As I said to Seth, I also love the longer nights. Do you have trouble getting the boys to sleep with daylight savings?

  7. Finn and Lara

    Hi Mrs Hollands and Mrs Dawson,

    Hope you have had a great holiday and a rest. I love spring because of all the baby animals getting born. It’s cool because it means it is getting much warmer and summer is just around the corner, which means hot weather and swimming. We really like the longer days that we have.

    I am looking forward to getting back to school to see everyone.

    Finn and Lara

  8. pruedawson

    Hi Finn and Lara,
    I had a lovely holiday thank you. I spent a lot of time in my garden and I’m really pleased that daylight savings has started. That means I can spend even more time in the garden in the evenings. I also went on a driving holiday with my mum (Lachlan and Sophie were on school trips and my husband was on a golf trip) and I saw lots of baby lambs in the paddocks. I thought of our farm theme and I’m getting very excited about all the fun farm things we’re going to be doing.
    Mrs Dawson (Prue)

  9. pruedawson

    Hi Tom,
    I’m definitely ready for some warm weather Tom. I’m a bit sick of the cold weather. Like you, I love all the Spring flowers. I’ve been working in my garden this afternoon and love the smell of Spring.
    See you tomorrow.
    Mrs Dawson

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