Happy Holidays

I just want to wish all the Grade 1A students and families a very happy holiday. I know many of you are going away so please travel safely and have a lovely holiday. If you are staying home I’m sure you’ll enjoy having a break from the every day routines of the school term. Enjoy your last … [Read more…]

Spring is in the air

Today we wrote some Spring stories. Olivia – In Spring animals get born. Also flowers come out. I like daffodils because they are yellow. That is my favourite colour. Seth – In Spring flowers grow. It is really hot. Time is longer. Jackson – In Spring time there are snakes and flowers and lots of … [Read more…]

Christmas Shoebox appeal

Thank you so much to the families who have donated goods for the Junior School Council initiative of the Christmas Shoebox appeal. This is the final week for donations to come in as the shoeboxes need to be despatched overseas in time for Christmas. We still need goods to fill the boxes and as a reminder here is … [Read more…]

My dad, my hero

We wish all our dads a very wonderful Father’s Day. We know that your children will spoil you with love, hugs and laughs. We asked the children why they loved their dads and this was their responses. He takes me on trips- Ben He plays football with me- Brodie He gives me footy all the … [Read more…]