Book Week dress up day

WOW!!! There were some fantastic costumes today for our Book Week celebrations. Well done to the students and to their amazing parents for creating such great book characters. We all enjoyed the Grade 1 parade where we saw pirates, princesses, animals, Super heroes, Disney characters and lots more. The students wrote some interesting stories about … [Read more…]

RIBIT – (Reading In Bed Is Terrific)

We had a wonderful day on Wednesday for our annual pyjama day in Grade 1. We had a wide variety of onesie’s, soft toys and favourite books. After showing our classmates our PJs, we spent the morning rotating between the 3 Grade 1 classrooms participating in a range of Book Week activities. We made bookmarks, shared our books with our friends, … [Read more…]

Science experiments

Over the last few weeks the students have been involved in some Science experiments related to our “Weather” theme (jelly – hmmm???). Please click below to view their reports of the experiments. Grade 1 – tell us your favourite experiment and why you enjoyed it so much?

Scienceworks excursion

Last Thursday Grade 1 went on an excursion to Scienceworks. We went by bus. Imogen’s dad, Hayley’s mum and Ben’s mum came on the excursion with us. Firstly we looked around the exhibitions.  We did running races against other people and we did wheelchair racing. Afterwards we went to the Nitty Gritty Super City where we … [Read more…]

The Antarctic comes to NGPS

Yesterday Ben’s dad, Dan, visited Grade 1A and talked to us about the weather features in the Antarctic. Dan flies planes to and from Antarctica and flies the Scientists to the different stations to monitor climate change and to do Science research. He showed us many beautiful photos of his trips “down South”. Some of our classmates tried … [Read more…]

Ways of learning

Today Grade 1A discussed ways that we learn. I told them that even at my age I am still learning something new every day. They laughed at that!!! We came up with a list of interesting ways to learn new things… Your teacher Your mum and dad Family and friends TV shows (like Sesame Street) … [Read more…]


This term in You Can Do It we are learning about Persistence. We know that persistence means to continue a task until it is completed. It also means never giving up and always trying your hardest. Here are some things that we persisted with until we could do them well: Brodie – Learning how to … [Read more…]