Western Water visit

Last Thursday Anne from Western Water visited all the Grade 1 classes to talk to us about saving water. She brought along the famous Sammy the Snake. He looks like a hose and even has a look-alike nozzle on his head. We learnt lots about water and how we can save water in our house. We also learnt … [Read more…]

It’s Plastic Free July!

Do you know where your plastic bag goes after you throw it away? Do you know what happens to your plastic drink bottle when you’re finished with it? At school for the month of July (and a little bit of August too!) we are participating in Plastic Free July.  Across the next few weeks, our … [Read more…]

Our Holidays were fun fun fun!

This week the children have loved to share what they did with their family and friends during the school holidays. On Monday the children completed a rough draft of their holiday recounts and then completed a good copy poster. Come into our classroom and see the display! Some of the exciting things the children did over the holidays were: … [Read more…]