The Aladdin Show by Grade 1A

 WOW!!!! Today’s show was exciting because we were loudly yelling, dancing, clapping and singing. It was all about the story of Aladdin with real things and actors using lots of expression while playing the characters. They used real swords, eyelights on the monster at the cave, lots of smoke and loud music. Every time the … [Read more…]

Fairytale Dress Up Day

It was an excited group of fairytale characters who came to school today. We were worried the wolf would eat Little Red Riding Hood but the Woodcutter kept him under control! The Witch-Queen was in a friendly mood and didn’t cast any spells and the Captain Hooks were luckily in a different grade to the … [Read more…]

Reading with Grade 5

Following the Grade 1 R.I.B.I.T. day the Grade 5s, as part of their celebration of Literacy week, asked if they could read to our children. Theyread these stories in table cubbies  which they had created. Very exciting !!

Bridge Building

On Friday the children were given the challenging task of building a bridge as we had been studying The Three Billy Goats Gruff as part of our Fairy Tale theme for the week. In groups of three they were able to use 20 sheets of newspaper, 20 drinking straws, 20 icy pole sticks and masking … [Read more…]