Dinosaur Information Reports.

1A have tried very hard when writing an information report about Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was their first attempt at writing this genre and they used a list of dot points we had collected and organised into a framework. Well done 1A! You have done a brilliant job! Charlie T-Rex was one of the biggest dinosaurs. T-Rex … [Read more…]

Introduction to Vokis

On Friday, the Grade 5s taught the Grade 1s how to make a VOKI which is an animated avatar representing them. Apart from choosing their image and background, they also had to decide what to say. The ones which were successful are on the VOKI PAGE above, if you would like to view them. They … [Read more…]

Mother’s Day

We wish all the mothers of 1A a lovely day with your families on Mother’s Day and hope you enjoy being spoiled. We hope the thoughts given to us by your children warm your hearts! I like it best when you:- -kiss me good night. (Charlie) -clean my room up. (Caleb) -give me a kiss. … [Read more…]

Dinosaur Drama

When Drama Toolbox came to school, the children turned into Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegasaurus, Pterasaurs, Triceratops or Brachiosaurus. They hatched from eggs, rolled in the mud, drank from the waterfall and looked for food. A taste of dinosaur life and environmental conditions. What was your favourite part of the activity, grade 1? Which dinosaur did you … [Read more…]

Meet Little Foot, our class friend!

Some families have already met Little Foot, our class dinosaur. You will meet this ‘addition’ to our class when your child has their name drawn out of the box and then brings him/her home for the night. What sort of dinosaur would you like as a pet if you could take home ANY dinosaur? Would … [Read more…]