Happy Holidays!

 You all deserve a well earned rest after working so hard this term. We need you refreshed and ready for lots of work on DINOSAURS!  Don’t forget to post a comment telling us what you are getting up to in the holidays! Myspace Bubbles Note Generator

Our thoughts about swimming

We’ve been talking about the good and bad things of our recent swimming lessons. These are the thoughts of Grade 1A. Blake: I loved the inflatable. Lola: I liked playing games when we raced against each other. Charlotte: I liked learning how to do backstroke. Sienna: I learnt to go under water and grab the … [Read more…]

Walk to Gisborne

Grade 1 had a busy day visiting 3 emergency services today. Our first stop was the Police Station where we had a tour by Senior Constable Tracy. It was very interesting and we were able to see the handcuffs, the cells and the room where the police get their guns, bulletproof vests and batons. Next … [Read more…]

Fun at the pool

The children had a wonderful last day of swimming on Friday. Instead of lessons the children finished off with some fun activities, including the big inflatable, duck diving to collect quoits at the bottom of the pool and running races in the shallows. It was fabulous to hear the squeals of delight as they slid down the inflatable slide. I … [Read more…]

Swimming lessons

The children of Grade 1A are having a fabulous time in the water. Even those who were very anxious about getting in the pool prior to the swimming lessons are having fun and enjoying the water familiarisation and/or stroke technique. I’ve seen some very brave children put their heads under the water, let go of … [Read more…]

Another Busy Week!

What a week it has been! We have been swimming 4 times, have had  visitors on Wednesday and Friday  from the CFA and then the MFB who talked to us about fire safety and their jobs as  firefighters, we used the new computers in our classroom along with some writing, spelling, reading and maths. Some of … [Read more…]

Some Activities

Busy, busy busy….that is life in Grade 1A. From visits by nurses who talked about their jobs and answered questions, to measuring each other, to mapping Ross Watt Reserve, to practising our typing skills in the Computer Lab, all along with reading, writing and maths! Next week swimming starts and a visit from a CFA … [Read more…]