This week as part of our minibeast theme we are studying spiders. This is what the children know about spiders. Emily B: Daddy long legs aren’t actually a spider. They are cousins of spiders. Sarah: Spiders have an exoskeleton. Codi: Spiders only have two body parts. The head and the thorax are joined together. That … [Read more…]

Drama Toolbox

Below is a story written by the class about the drama workshop held at school today. It was lovely to see the enjoyment on the all faces of the children as they participated in the minibeast activities. On Tuesday 23rd August Drama Toolbox came to our school. Grade 1A went to the gym after play … [Read more…]

Snail Races

After learning about snails and watching stories of snails from ‘Minuscule,’ Friday afternoon saw 1A examining snails with magnifying glasses and having snail races (to see which snail slithered the longest distance). Frustratingly, some snails were a little lazy and wouldn’t move but the majority slithered and looked around to the delight of the children! … [Read more…]

Multiple Intelligence Activities

1A use Multiple Intelligences activities to practise their individual spelling words. These activities capitalise on strengths and interests that the children have and last week they were introduced to the M.I. approach to minibeasts. The children began with choosing which M.I. task  they would do. It was difficult for some to choose from the range of choices and to … [Read more…]


Dear Parents of 1A, The school’s homework policy is being reviewed and we are asking for feedback re the types of homework which is preferred, the difficulties experienced when children are completing it at home and ways that you assist your child or enforce it to happen. Of course, you are welcome to add other … [Read more…]

Wild Action Minibeast Incursion

Here is the recount 1A wrote as a grade after the visit by Wild Action on Thursday 3rd August. Below that is a slide show of some of the creatures that were part of the experience. Grade 1, which minibeast was your favourite? Wild Action came to our school to teach us about minibeasts. First … [Read more…]