Early Holidays!

Hi Grade 1 A and parents, Obviously,  you all know there is no school for the remainder of this term due to the fire. We wanted to reassure you all that our classroom is intact but for a few things which will be completely fixed up by the time school starts. We were allowed into … [Read more…]


What an active morning the Grade 1s had during the Jump Rope for heart sessions. They were very excited, totally involved and very sweaty at the end! This was one teacher who found it hard to keep up with these energetic kids! Which skipping activity did you enjoy the most? Have you showed mum and … [Read more…]

Measuring in Maths

Part of this term’s maths has been measuring length using informal units. The children estimated before accurately measuring using all sorts of  materials which were all standard lengths such as blocks, counters, paper clips, rulers and textas (not pencils as they are all different lengths!)  The children then worked on becoming familiar with a metre … [Read more…]

Circus Olympia

Today we were entertained by a performer from Circus Olympia. The children were in awe of the juggling, balancing act and acrobatics. The big top is currently setting up at 61 Station Rd in New Gisborne (next door to the Retirement Village). The circus will be holding performances on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th at 7.30pm, Saturday 18th at 2pm and … [Read more…]

To Help You to Research

Hi 1A. I know some of you have begun researching your information about the dinosaur you are doing your project on. Here are some websites which will help you find some  information. www.kidsdinos.com museumvictoria.com.au/dinosaur-walk www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/dinosaurs/ Let us know if you find a good website so we can share it with the rest of the grade!