Jump Rope for Heart

NGPS students are getting fit with everyone getting involved in the skipping craze. Log on to this website: http://www.heartfoundation.org.au/sites/jumpropeforheart and click on Kids Join Now. Follow the prompts and start raising some money for the Heart Foundation. There are lots of wonderful prozes to be won. Happy skipping everyone. I can’t wait to see you … [Read more…]

Melbourne Museum – Part 2

As promised here are some photos of the Marvellous Meat Eaters on the excursion to the Melbourne Museum last Wednesday. We all had a wonderful day and the children haven’t stopped talking about skeletons, fossils, their favourite dinosaurs, minibeasts and hairy spiders. We would like to thank Sophie’s mum, Michelle, who accompanied us on the … [Read more…]

Welcome Lily

We would like to welcome a new student to our class. Lily has come to us from Killara P.S. in Sunbury. She has settled in very well and has already made some friends. Thank you to all the students who looked after Lily so well on her first day at NGPS.

Subtraction games

Miss Bourne has been teaching the children fun ways to experience subtraction with missing numbers. They have been playing Bingo and using calculators in pairs. Maybe your child could teach you the calculator game.

Dinosaur Books

The class have been so interested in the topic of dinosaurs and all the children are avidly reading books and learning the long names and characteristics of the dinosaurs. Last week we worked in small groups and made our own dinosaur books and illustrated pictures for each sentence. Maybe you could ask your child about brachiosaurus, … [Read more…]

Congratulations Ella and Archie

Two more avid readers from Grade 1A have completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Congratulations Ella and Archie. They have each read 30 books to meet the challenge. Let’s hope they keep reading! Ella, what was your favourite book? Do you have a favourite book from your reading list Archie?

Premier’s Reading Challenge readers

Congratualtions to Emily, Lily, Max, Landon, Caleb and Sophie who were the first children in Grade 1A to complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2011. These children have read 30 books each and will receive a certificate from the Victorian Premier, Mr Ballieau at assembly later this year. Well done everyone. Keep reading! If you haven’t … [Read more…]

Welcome Miss Bourne

This week we have welcomed Miss Bourne to Grade 1A. Katie is a second year student teacher from Latrobe University in Bendigo. She will be with us for 3 weeks and will be observing lessons, teaching small groups and taking whole class lessons. We hope she will enjoy her time in our class and I’m sure … [Read more…]

Dinosaur Websites

As we will be going on an excursion to the museum, the  children will be exploring this website at school. It will also be a very handy website to use when they are researching their chosen dinosaur for their project. There is a lot of information as well as some fun activities. Perhaps your child … [Read more…]