Our Environment

www.ourcoolschool.org is a website that is worth exploring both by 1A children and parents. Lots of information, pictures and ideas connected with caring for our environment. (I know there are some fun construction ideas!!) If you find something which you think we could all do or learn from, put it in a comment for others … [Read more…]

Smartie Maths

In class we have been learning how to graph information. We have already made a large graph of the number of people in our family. On Tuesday we were given a packet of Smarties each and we were very excited about that. We had to count all the Smarties, then count the number of  Smarties in … [Read more…]

Road Safety

The grade 1s will be walking down to the Gisborne parklands on Friday the 1st of April to participate in some environmentally based activities. To get there we obviously need to cross some roads and to  be safe  pedestrians. As a lead up, the health lessons during rotation for the next 2 weeks will be … [Read more…]

Pancake Tuesday

On Tuesday 8th March we celebrated Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday as it is also known. We divided into 3 groups and with the help of 3 wonderful mums – Janine, Jude and Mel – we read the recipe, measured the ingredients, stirred and then poured the mixture into the frying pans. We even attempted to turn … [Read more…]

Re-Using Rubbish

What fun 1A had planning and making something from the recyclable rubbish they brought to school! After the construction process the children then had to reflect on their results, writing about what they feel worked and what they had problems with, as well as what they may do differently next time. The next part of … [Read more…]

Swimming at Gisborne Aquatic Centre

Swimming at Gisborne Aquatic Centre : Some of the feedback 1A gave about the program. Plus Minus Ideas On the bus with friends Being in the deep pool Learning about safety Swimming Diving Wearing life jackets Going everyday Going on the dragon inflatable Playing games Having fun Sitting at the back of the bus Doing … [Read more…]

Clean Up New Gisborne

Our topic of ‘The World and I’ is focused the effect of our actions on and our responsibility to the environment. Last week we had been talking about the ‘Clean Up Australia’ event and had our own event cleaning up our school. 1A are very proud of two of our class members who convinced their … [Read more…]


It has been a busy week for the grade 1s and 2s with swimming every day. It is an intensive program and the children’s skills are progressing very quickly! When writing about swimming the children made some interesting comments which show they rose to the challenges that have confronted them! Codi:..I was excited but then … [Read more…]