Sunsmart Kids!

sunsmart_countdown_song One of the safety topics covered in health has been sunsmart safety. This song is what we learned. Have a sing with your children at home.

Our Family at School

As part of ‘becoming’ a family at school a lot of emphasis this week has been on friendship and working together. The children have begun to list and discuss ‘friendly’ behaviours and have a target to play (and get to know) 4 new people  in the grade before the 25th of February. They can nominate people … [Read more…]


The children have begun the year well, focusing on the tasks with concentration and energy. The pictures show some of the activities they were involved in: surveying each other in an activity called “Find someone who…”, drawing themselves and writing about why they are special, and measuring different lengths of their bodies and showing these … [Read more…]

Welcome to Grade 1A 2011

Welcome back to school the children of Grade 1A. Mrs Dawson and Mrs Ward (Yes, you DO have 2 teachers this year…aren’t you lucky!) hope that you all had a great holiday and are ready for a year of exciting new challenges and fun. Mrs Dawson went to the beach for a week and is … [Read more…]